About Us

We are leaders in the Nigerian power space

Kwale Genco FZE (KGF) is developing a Greenfield Power Generation company located in Delta State, Nigeria. KGF has been established to Design, Develop, Construct and Operate power projects in Nigeria. The company’s first power project will be the largest Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant in Nigeria.

The Power project shall be of 950 MW installed capacity in two phases; Phase 1 shall produce 650 MW in Simple Cycle consisting of state of art Gas turbines and its auxiliaries and Phase 2 shall convert the installed Simple cycle to Combined cycle by adding HRSG’s and STG along with all its auxiliaries and will generate additional 300 MW without any burning of fuel thus reducing the carbon footprint and increasing the efficiency of the plant.

The entire output shall be evacuated through 330KV EHV network of Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN). To help the evacuation of power the company is also constructing under an EPC model a 75 km 330 kV Double Circuit Transmission corridor connecting the Power plant to the nearest substation located at Asaba.

Our Team

The strong global workforce of engineers are the real heroes who provide 24X7 dedicated service to KGF’s turbines across the Nigeria. These engineers undergo rigorous on-site training at dedicated learning and development centers, which are equipped with live simulators to provide them with real-world experience.

This equips the technicians with requisite skills, technique and knowledge to confront demanding on-site conditions and situations. Kwale Genco FZE (KGF)’s GOMS team, with its global experience, has proven expertise of successfully servicing Gas Turbines in diverse and extreme climatic conditions across geographies.