Safety Policy


We promote a safety culture wherein full compliance with safety regulations is the minimum level of acceptable performance.

Doing so, requires a disciplined approach to safety, including governing adherence to standards that clearly communicates safety expectations, employee safety programs that meet and exceed these expectations.
In compliance with our safety measures, we have put in place emergency measures, when all efforts fail. These includes an antifire system with sprinklers and hydrant firefighting system with flame detector for fighting fire emergency. Also, a medical care center is located at the plant premises, for quick response in case of medical emergency.
Our host communities are also not left out from these safety measures, we continually educate people on how to observe safety measures around our installations and what to do in cases of emergency.

Look up!

Always examine your surroundings for power line locations before doing any outside work.

Be cautious on the roof.

Working on a roof may put you close to an overhead power line. Avoid standing up and accidentally touching a line with your head or shoulder.

Do not plant vegetation

Don’t plant vegetation to grow up or near utility poles or live wires.

Be aware when moving farm equipment.

Stay clear of overhead power lines when moving or storing farm equipments. Metals and wet objects conduct electricity.

Do not throw objects up into power lines.

This can cause short circuits and could result in injuries. This includes items you might not consider conductive, like ropes and strings.

See something tangled in a power line? Stay clear.

Never attempt to move an object from a power line yourself. Never climb the pole. Call any PHCN service station – they can help.

Never touch a downed power line.

If you see a downed power line, contact your local PHCN service station immediately. Don’t touch the line or anything that is in contact with it. Don’t attempt to move the line. Keep others away, and consider every wire on the ground to be energized and dangerous.

Obey warning signs!

“DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE” and other warning signs are posted in some locations. But remember, all electrical equipment can be dangerous.

Substations are not playgrounds.

At neighborhood substations, high-voltage electricity is reduced to be sent to homes.! Don’t climb over or crawl under substation fences, walls or gates. If a ball or toy goes over a fence and into a substation, call the nearest PHCN office. We will come and get it out for you.

Stay inside during storms.

When there is lightning outdoors, get inside a building or car if possible. Keep away from windows and open doors